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So You Want to Start a Business

When I set out to create Jane Solutions, my vision was to help a million businesses make a million dollars. That’s a HUGE goal and a goal that big needs a plan. While I’m not there yet, I have helped numerous businesses and organizations implement processes to set them up for success. I’ve learned that it’s important to start things off the right way rather than getting started and trying to figure it out as you go. If you at least have the structure in place, everything else will come.

While a lot of you have already established your business, there are times where we get excited and skip over the basics and right into delivering a product or service. When assisting my clients, yes my job is to check off your to-do list, but as your assistant, my job is also to help ensure that I help you to run your business. That’s not just social media marketing and content creation. It encompasses everything and while I may not be a subject matter expert on everything, I am very good at what I do and those that I work with are very good at what they do.

Since my desired client is a business owner, my first thought was to give you something that you would find useful from the beginning, but to also produce a product that is helpful for those of you that have an idea, but have no idea where to begin to bring this idea to life. That is where the idea for Business Start-Up Toolkit came from. What can I offer people FOR FREE that will benefit them and will get me started on my quest to make a million businesses make one million dollars? We all have to start from the beginning!

This toolkit encompasses what I believe to be the 5 things that you should have in place once you have a business plan. When I say “business plan” I don’t mean some formal 10 page document (although a written business plan is not a bad idea). What I mean is that you have an idea for your business, and you are ready to start getting things in order to offer your product or service to the world. An idea is just an idea if there’s no action behind it. In the tool-kit I outline 5 action steps. You will find resources and information for:

  • Establishing your business name

  • Setting up your business finances

  • Creating a business website or landing page

  • Establishing your business structure

  • Registering for your Tax ID

There is a lot of useful information packed into this little toolkit and it includes links to take you to where you need to go. This list is not exhaustive and by no means will this be everything you need for your business, but getting started can be intimidating. So many people will tell you so many things and my goal is to give you 5 baby steps to work on up front to get you going on starting your own business successfully.

If I have peaked your interest and you would like to download the toolkit. Use the link below to download the toolkit. By clicking on the link, you will be asked to enter your name and email address. That will allow you to receive your free copy of the Business Start-Up Toolkit straight to your email inbox. It will also sign you up for my e-mail list. Wait wait wait! Before you roll your eyes, this isn’t a spammy email list where I try to sell you my services 5 times a day every single day. This email list is for those that are interested in getting your business started and looking for resources and tools to help you do that. Once a week, I send out a newsletter with tools and links to things that you can use to be successful. NOW … go ahead and click that link down there and get your free tool-kit so that you can get some more free stuff down the line!

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