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What 3 things should you be doing NOW to build your brand?

Everyone is talking about branding these days. From personal to business, your brand is all about what you look like to the rest of the world. When you are presenting yourself, it’s important that your brand is memorable. To create a memorable brand you need to be able to draw people in and create an experience that keeps people wanting more. As a business owner, you have to put time and attention into building your brand, and there are 3 things that you should be doing right now to get started.

Build a strong aesthetic

Strong brands show up consistently across all platforms. It’s not just about a logo though. A strong aesthetic means that you are using consistent colors, fonts, and themes. From the way that you show up in videos and pictures, to the graphics that you use. A consistent aesthetic makes it so that just by looking, your clients know exactly who you are. The best way to get started is to create a Brand Kit. Your brand kit is your one-pager that defines your visual brand. You can identify the colors and fonts that you will use to create a consistent brand aesthetic. It usually consists of 3-5 colors, your logo, and fonts for headers and body text. If you aren’t sure how to get started with designing your own Brand Kit, you can take a look at our Brand Kit Bundle here.

Find your brand voice

Your brand voice is how you deliver your message when speaking and writing on behalf of your brand. Are you super professional and always put together? Do you use phrases like “Girl” and “Sis” sometimes to refer to your audience? Are you showing up as you or do you always speak as if you are the business? None of those are wrong, but you have to be consistent in how you show up so that your customer knows what to expect. You also need to use your voice to define your W’s- your who, what, and why of your business. That also helps to set your customers’ expectations and establish the reason for showing up like you do. I talk more about this on a later blog post.

Deliver a memorable experience

I say this all the time, but no one spends money on a product because they want to make the seller rich. Few people will spend money just to support your business if your product is not good. Even if your product is excellent, it will be very hard to sell if you have been labeled as unprofessional or unorganized. We always remember the bad experiences, and unfortunately most times, the bad outweighs the good. You could have 10 good reviews, but the 1 bad one is the one that will scare a potential customer into not purchasing with you. This is why your customer’s experience is so important. You have to provide your customers with something that they will remember long after their money is gone. Don’t just deliver a product. Deliver an experience. Create a Welcome Package or a thank you gift. Add in a coupon for the next purchase when you ship out orders. Send out surveys asking for feedback. All of these things show that you care what your customers think and shows that you appreciate them enough to give more than they purchased. Always under promise and over deliver. It will benefit you in the long run because you’ve given a customer an experience that they can tell their friends about and hopefully motivate them to come back again and again.

These three components are key to building a strong, solid brand and you can work on these right now. Look at your website and social media page. How are you showing up? Is it consistent? Does it look good? You can work on all of this right now, and if you’re struggling, let me know! Our first consultation is completely free so book your call here and let's brainstorm together!

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