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Post- Launch Q&A

For the past few months I have been working on building a brand that was actually 10 years in the making. Before I had a name for it, I knew that I wanted to use all of the skills that come naturally to me to build something that would not only benefit me as a business owner, but others as well. Although Jane Solutions is only a month out from launching, this business is a culmination of all of my passions and skills packaged to serve other business owners just like myself. I am overwhelmed with the response and the number of business owners that want to work with me. Over the last few weeks I have had quite a few questions about what exactly I do and how I serve my clients. I also want to address a few topics that I feel are important as well. In this article you will get a true sense of my “why” and what I offer my clients, so let’s jump right in!

Question #1: What is Jane Solutions?

Jane Solutions LLC is a business Solutions Agency. What that means is that my agency identifies the pain points in a business and provides solutions for those issues through organization and automation creation. The goal is to help my clients build businesses that are not only successful in the short term, but scalable in the long term.

Question #2: Why this business?

As I mentioned before, this business is new, but the services that I provide are based on skills and strengths that I have already been using over the past decade. My military experience coupled with my teaching and nursing background, I have great organizational skills. I have organized travel and events for large groups. I have a ton of experience in writing and teaching. I have created systems and processes to improve day to day operations within my workplace, and I love to figure out ways to achieve an end goal in the quickest and most efficient ways. I have always been told that I’m good at the things that I do and that I should build a business off of it, but I didn’t know how. Over the last few years, however, I have been able to really find joy in using my skills in my full-time job and other organizational settings. I am just now tapping into the business side of my own talents and strengths.

Question #3: How do you find the time?

Between a full-time job, a military career, raising a toddler, and running 2 small businesses, the number one question that I have been asked is where do I find the time to serve my clients? In short, my answer is simple- when you want something bad enough, you find the time for it. My strengths are organization and automation and I use those skills not only to serve my clients, but in my own life as well. I am a walking testimony as to what I am capable of doing. I create a ton of processes and automations in my own life so that I do have the time and energy to give to this business.

Question #4: What makes you qualified?

I can list off my accomplishments and what I bring to the table. I have coordinated travel and events for large groups. I have organized training events for 500+ staff. I have created, designed, and formatted documents, performed calendar management tasks, and created and managed multiple social media accounts. I have the experience. What sets me apart from my competitors is the fact that I am not from a corporate background. While some may see that as a negative quality, I don’t. I am a consumer, and when I’m evaluating a business, I’m looking at it from the perspective of the consumer. What would make me want to buy from you and what would I be turned off by. Those are the things that I work through with my clients.

Question #5: Why should I trust you?

The short answer is that I am transparent and detail oriented. My brand is centered around creating systems and processes and I have implemented that into my business. All of my contracts and workflows are in place to protect myself as well as my client. As a client, you are able to end our relationship if you are unhappy with the service. I am not trying to trick anyone into working with me. I don’t want to upsell or manipulate anyone into spending a ton of money for my services. You don’t have to spend any money to get help. You can follow our social media accounts for free for access to information, tips, and resources. For even more, you can subscribe to our weekly newsletter that is packed with free information as well.

Question #6: How do I book with you

If you are interested in working with our agency, you can visit our website at You should book a free consultation from there. The call will take place via Zoom and consists of an initial meet and greet. I like to find out a little bit about you as the business owner as well as why you started the business and what you are currently struggling with. We then discuss what I offer and how I can be of service to you as well as your investment. From there, we decide if this is going to be a good working relationship. If we are both on the same page, then we make it official and the fun begins!

I hope that this gave you a little more insight into what Jane Solutions is and what I bring to the table as a virtual assistant. I am so proud of this first month and can't wait to continue to serve you. If you enjoyed this article, subscribe to our email list and social media platforms so that you don't miss updates as well as valuable information.

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