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It's time to start that business that you've been thinking about!

The PinkPrint Jumpstart is perfect for you if ...

  • You're ready to overcome self-doubt and imposter syndrome. Embrace your unique talents and strengths, challenge negative thoughts, and realize that you are capable, deserving, and destined for greatness.

  • You have limited financial resources. Discover creative ways to stretch your resources and leverage low-cost marketing strategies. With a little resourcefulness, you can build your dream business one step at a time.

  • Your time is limited. Learn to prioritize, delegate, and establish systems that optimize your productivity. By making the most of your time, you'll achieve more in less time and find balance between work, personal life, and entrepreneurship.

  • You're overwhelmed by information overload. Prioritize, curate learning sources, create a learning plan, connect with mentors, and take action. Confidently navigate the sea of information, gain knowledge, and apply it in your business.

  • You're struggling with a lack of direction and focus. Gain clarity through brain dumps, finding digital mentors, identifying your ideal audience, and understanding your "why." With a clear direction, you can steer your business towards success.

  • You feel isolated and lack a supportive community. Explore strategies to build connections among peers and potential clients. Join online communities, attend networking events, and foster relationships to create a network that supports your growth and celebrates your wins.

  • You're navigating the mentorship gap, especially within black communities. Overcome this hurdle by seeking virtual mentors, participating in entrepreneurial programs, and engaging with online communities. Proactively seek guidance and mentorship to propel your entrepreneurial journey.

What's Included

The PinkPrint Program is a 12-week coaching program specifically designed to guide you through every step of your entrepreneurial journey. Over the course of 12 weeks, you'll dive deep into each aspect of building and growing a thriving business. We'll cover everything from clarifying your vision and defining your target audience to developing effective marketing strategies and scaling your operations. What makes The PinkPrint Program so unique and impactful? Let me break it down for you:

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12 Modules:

Each week, you'll receive a carefully crafted module packed with insights, practical exercises, and step-by-step guidance. These modules will provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to confidently navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship.

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Jumpstart Workbook

Accelerate your progress with the PinkPrint Jumpstart Workbook—an invaluable companion to the program. This comprehensive workbook is packed with exercises, prompts, and practical tools that will guide you through each module. It's designed to help you apply the concepts directly to your business, solidify your learning, and take actionable steps towards your entrepreneurial goals.

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Weekly Live Office Hours:

Need extra guidance or one-on-one support? You'll have access to weekly live office hours, where I'll be available to dive deeper into your specific challenges, offer tailored advice, and help you overcome any roadblocks you may encounter.

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Exclusive Alumni Membership Community Invitation:

The PinkPrint Program isn't just a program; it's a vibrant and supportive community. As a program graduate, you'll receive an exclusive invitation to join our alumni membership community. Connect with fellow entrepreneurs, share insights, collaborate on projects, and receive ongoing support even after the program ends.

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Exclusive Template Library Access:

Say goodbye to hours spent creating documents from scratch! As a member of The PinkPrint Program, you'll gain exclusive access to the template library. From business plans and marketing materials to client contracts and financial spreadsheets, you'll have a comprehensive collection of resources at your fingertips.

But wait, there's more ...

By enrolling into The PinkPrint Program, you will also gain access to these bonuses:

  1. Exclusive Discounts on Business Services: Unlock exclusive discounts and offers from partnering businesses and service providers that can benefit your entrepreneurial journey. This could include discounts on website design, logo creation, accounting services, or software subscriptions, allowing you to save money while accessing essential business services.

  2. Live Group Coaching Sessions: Participate in 3 live group coaching sessions over topics that YOU have picked followed by a Live Q&A where you can directly ask questions. These sessions provide an opportunity to address specific challenges, clarify concepts, and gain additional insights.

  3. Exclusive Access to a Private Online Community: Gain lifetime access to a private online community exclusively for The PinkPrint Program members. Engage with a supportive network of fellow entrepreneurs, share experiences, seek advice, and celebrate milestones together. The community serves as a valuable resource for ongoing support and collaboration.

Client Love

"This was great work! Leah sets her clients up to take off right out of the gate [saving] them YEARS. She is establishing the whole business infrastructure and walking the client through each system and process"

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